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Session Rates

Individual Photography Sessions   |     $200

Group/Family Photography Sessions    |     $400

Family Photography Slideshows    |     $100


Dangler is a long established organization totally engaged in

innovative product development. Our passion for excellence in

every aspect is widely recognized.

Accomplishments mean a lot as a measure of capability but we recognize

that the only thing that really matters is what we can do for you right now.

The process is an ongoing work in progress. There is relentless thinking

and observation that is always looking for the spark of an idea. Testing

the consumer's acceptance follows the registration of the trademark

that protects its possible future use.



Creating designs that deliver the essence of the story line is the next challenge. Defining the story in short terms that the consumer easily embraces is imperative to the ultimate success of the brand’s life.

We strive every day to exceed past accomplishments. This places us in the fortunate position of believing that our best work is yet to be done.

We embrace the challenge.